Dr. John E. Lewis is promoted to associated editor for brain health and nutrition section

June 3, 2018

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Dr. John E. Lewis is the co-founder and CEO of Nurish.Me. He is also a past full-time Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and now remains as a Voluntary Associate Professor. He is a diplomate, faculty member, and advisor of the Medical Wellness Association. 

Dr. Lewis has been the principal investigator of multiple nutrition, dietary supplement, exercise training, and medical device studies in the last 2 decades. Much of his research has included investigating the effects of interventions on a wide variety of outcomes, including immune and cognitive functioning, inflammation, physical fitness, nutrient status, quality of life, and mental health, in healthy adults and in those with Alzheimer’s, HIV, diabetes, chronic pain, and GI disorders, among others. He has co-authored more than 170 peer-reviewed scientific articles, has mentored many undergraduate, graduate, and medical students in exercise, nutrition, and health promotion, and has been an invited speaker at multiple international and national conferences, including a seminal talk on the results of his work in Alzheimer's for TEDxMiami.

Prof. dr. Stuart S. Winter joins JCTR editorial board

May 5, 2018

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"My life's work of developing scientific protocols to test and improve medical management for children has been an amazing journey, one I hope to continue for as long as possible. " - Prof. dr. Stuart S. Winter

Prof. dr. Stuart S. Winter is Chief Research Officer at Children's Minnesota Research Institute, Professor of Pediatrics, and former Vice Chair of Pediatric Research at University of New Mexico, United States. With certification by the American Board of Pediatrics from 1994 onward, he is a practicing pediatric hematologist/oncologist with 24 years of experience. Prof. dr. Winter's translational focus is primarily directed towards the biology and classification of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and the conduct of pediatric clinical trials.

JCTR is partnering with Biocytogen

March 11, 2018

Biocytogen is a leading gene targeted animal and services supplier globally. Biocytogen provides a traditonal ESC/HR platform as well as a cutting-edge Extreme Genome Editing (EGE®) system. Provide promo code "JCTR-biocytogen" to Biocytogen and receive 5% discount for your next gene editing project. Read more.

New associate editors

February 21, 2018

Pim Olthof (MD, PhD, Delft, the Netherlands) and Brian Earp (Associate Director of the Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy at Yale University, United States) are promoted to associate editors of the journal. 

Call for papers from the Editor-in-chief: submit now to the special issue on negative results

August 2, 2017

 Read the full letter from the editor-in-chief. 

Call for papers: submit now to the special issue on negative results

July 31, 2017

How much of what we think we know do we actually know? JCTR's Brian D Earp, the ethics advisory editor, shares his view on why publishing negative results is equally important as publishing positive findings. With this editorial, JCTR would like to draw the attention of all clinical and translational researchers and submit robust studies with negative findings.

Submit now to the special issue on ICT in healthcare

March 31, 2017

JCTR is organizing a special issue on the role of ICT in health care. This issue will cover multifarious topics ranging from ethics to integrating research and clinical practice through software platforms to publicly accessible trial registries in mobile apps. Submissions are welcomed! 

Milestone: JCTR is indexed by the Chemical Abstracts Service

February 15, 2017

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is a not-for-profit division of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society by membership. JCTR is actively working towards indexation by more scientific databases including DOAJ, PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science. 

The special issue "Drug-induced Hepatotoxicity" is now published

February 12, 2017

All papers of the special issue "Drug-induced Hepatotoxicity" are now published as Epubs ahead of print. This special issue is composed of 6 review articles authored by Alastair Mak and Jack Uetrecht (University of Toronto, Canada), Anup Ramachandran and Hartmut Jaeschke (University of Kansas Medical Center, USA), Benjamin Woolbright and Hartmut Jaeschke (University of Kansas Medical Center, USA), Michaël Maes and Mathieu Vinken (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Daniel Antoine and colleagues (University of Liverpool, United Kingdom), and Bernard Fromenty and colleagues ( Université de Rennes 1, France). Read the articles here.  

Editor's preface for the special issue "Drug-induced Hepatotoxicity" is published

February 10, 2017 

The editors, Prof. Hartmut Jaeschke and Dr. Anup Ramachandran, explain the structure, the content, and the value of the special issue in the preface. Read the article and the biographies of the editors here