Original article

Relationship between the Romberg test and the Wii Fit basic balance test and cognition in athletes with concussion

Author(s): Nicholas G. Murray / Anthony P. Salvatore / Joe Tomaka / Rebecca J. Reed-Jones

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Rachel Ventura

Clinical research Exercise physiology


Biomarkers for glioblastoma multiforme: status quo

Author(s): Nicola Montano / Quintino Giorgio D'Alessandris / Alessandro Izzo / Eduardo Fernandez / Roberto Pallini

Reviewer(s): Myron Best

Biochemistry Clinical research


Detection of misfolded protein aggregates from a clinical perspective

Author(s): Øyvind Strømland / Martin Jakubec / Samuel Furse / Øyvind Halskau

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Jinte Middeldorp

Clinical research Protein biochemistry


Cardiac vagal activity and daily clinical practice

Author(s): Luc Quintin / John Karemaker / Robin McAllen

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Original article

Obesity and diabetes accelerate hepatocarcinogenesis via hepatocyte proliferation independent of NF-kB or Akt/mTORC1

Author(s): Evi Arfianti / Claire Z Larter / Seungsoo Lee / Vanessa Barn / Geoffrey Haigh / Matthew M Yeh / George Ioannou / Narci C Teoh / Geoffrey C Farrell

Reviewer(s): Thomas Wunderlich

Experimental medicine Hepatology