Scorpion and spider venoms in cancer treatment: state of the art, challenges, and perspectives

Author(s): Catarina RapĂ´so

Reviewer(s): Qingxi Yue / Or Cohen-Inbar

Original article

FITC-linked Fibrin-Binding Peptide and real-time live confocal microscopy as a novel tool to visualize fibrin(ogen) in coagulation

Author(s): Nikolaj Weiss / Bettina Schenk / Mirjam Bachler / Cristina Solomon / Dietmar Fries / Martin Hermann

Reviewer(s): Tarun Tyagi / Moniek de Maat / Etheresia Pretorius

Medical imaging Thrombosis and hemostasis

Original article

Modified protrusive wax record in measuring condylar path angle in relation to ethnic variations

Author(s): Ammar Musawi / Yusnidar Tajul Ariffin

Reviewer(s): Vincent Everts / Dan Milstein / Michael Melkers


Importance of intellectual property generated by biomedical research at universities and academic hospitals

Author(s): Joris J. Heus / Elmar S. de Pauw / Mirjam Leloux / Margherita Morpurgo / Michael R. Hamblin / Michal Heger

Editor(s ): Yao Liu

Reviewer(s): Rick Bezemer / Martin Michel

Original article

Acellular porcine heart matrices: whole organ decellularization with 3D-bioscaffold & vascular preservation

Author(s): Alice S. Ferng / Alana M. Connell / Katherine M. Marsh / Ning Qu / Annalisa O. Medina / Naing Bajaj / Daniel Palomares / Jessika Iwanski / Phat L. Tran / Kapil Lotun / Kitsie Johnson / Zain Khalpey

Editor(s ): Bote Bruinsma

Reviewer(s): Basak Uygun / Jacques Guyette

Experimental surgery Surgery