Original article

Neonatal circumcision and prematurity are associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Author(s): Eran Elhaik

Reviewer(s): Robert Van Howe / Brian D. Earp

Clinical research Statistics and epidemiology

Clinical trial

The effects of trans-resveratrol on insulin resistance, inflammation, and microbiota in men with the metabolic syndrome: a pilot randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial

Author(s): Jeanne M. Walker / Patricia Eckardt / Jose O. Aleman / ... / Peter R. Holt

Reviewer(s): Julia Bird / Marie Juul Ornstrup

Clinical research Metabolism and metabolic diseases

Original article

The effect of acute pain on executive function

Author(s): Jenna M. Morogiello / Nicholas G. Murray / Tamerah N. Hunt / ... / George W. Shaver

Reviewer(s): Anthony P Salvatore

Clinical research Physical activity and health

Original article

Feasibility of mapping and cannulation of the porcine epicardial lymphatic system for sampling and decompression in heart failure research

Author(s): Benjamin Kappler / Dara Pabittei / Sjoerd van Tuijl / Bas A. J. M. de Mol / Allard C. van der Wal

Reviewer(s): Maurice van den Hoff / Yaov Dori

Cardiovascular physiology Experimental surgery

Original article

Diagnostic validity of the anxiety and depression questions from the Well-Being Process Questionnaire

Author(s): Gary Williams / Andrew P Smith

Reviewer(s): Carla Ripamonti / Riccardo Torta