Technical report

Platelet-rich fibrin and collagen matrix for the regeneration of infected necrotic immature teeth

Author(s): S. Sakthivel / V. Gayathri / Subha Anirudhan / R. Jaya Shree Roja

Reviewer(s): Brenda Luken

Original article

Brain metastases: Single dose radiosurgery versus hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy: A retrospective study

Author(s): Carolina de la Pinta / Eva Fernández-Lizarbe / David Sevillano / ... / Sonsoles Sancho

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Martin Kocher / Michael Milano

Brain health Radiology and radiotherapy

Original article

Thyroid hormones profile among obese pregnant Sudanese women

Author(s): Wisal Abbas / Ishag Adam / Duria A. Rayis / Nada G. Hassan / Mohamed F. Lutfi

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Anonymous reviewer 2

Clinical research Physiology

Original article

Platelet/ lymphocyte ratio for prediction of no reflow phenomenon in ST elevation myocardial infarction managed with primary percutanous coronary intervention

Author(s): Hala Mahfouz Badran / Ahmed Abdel Fatah / Ghada Soltan

Reviewer(s): Rick Stouffer

Cardiovascular diseases Clinical research Pathology Platelets

Original article

Indicators of metabolic syndrome in normotensive normoglycemic asthmatic patients

Author(s): Hanadi Abdelgadir Ahmed Sourg / Adil Ballal Mohammed Ahmed / Ramaze Farouke Elhakeem / Mohamed Faisal Lutf

Reviewer(s): Hannu Kankaanranta / Srikanth Krishnamurthy

Cardiovascular diseases Metabolism and metabolic diseases