Evidence for a connection between COVID-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

Author(s): Beverly Rubik / Robert R. Brown

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Anonymous reviewer 2 / Ronald N Kostoff / David O Carpenter / Martin Pall / Michael Buchele / Suleyman Dasdag / Agostino Di Ciaula / Matúš Durdík / Anonymous reviewer 3

Original article

Evaluation of breast cancer stem cells in human primary breast carcinoma and their role in aggressive behavior of the disease

Author(s): Ninjit Dhanota / Amanjit Bal / Gurpreet Singh / Sunil K. Arora

Reviewer(s): Maarten Bijlsma / Vera Cappelletti

Original article

Tagging incidental finding of fatty liver on ultrasound: A novel intervention to improve early detection of liver fibrosis

Author(s): Navroop Nagra / Rubal Penna / Danielle La Selva / ... / Blaire Burman

Reviewer(s): Numan Kutaiba

Clinical research Hepatology


From conventional healthcare to e-health: Social and spatial transformation. Using a comparison between HK and mainland China

Author(s): Carine Milcent

Reviewer(s): Calvin Or

Original article

Comparison of laser therapy and ozonated water on gingival inflammation in orthodontic patients with fixed appliances

Author(s): S.V. Kala Vani / Shaik Ziauddhin / Geetika Simhadri / ... / M. Naveen

Reviewer(s): Dan Milstein

Clinical research Dentistry Oral care


A review of the presentation and outcome of sarcoidosis in COVID-19

Author(s): Lina James George / Anil Mathew Philip / Kevin John John / ... / Amos Lal

Reviewer(s): Hanae Ramdani / Atefeh Abedini / Adam S Morgenthau / Michael Manansala / Hamze Shahali


Association of dietary total antioxidant capacity with depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders: A systematic review of observational studies

Author(s): Gabriela Amorim Pereira / Alessandra da Silva / Helen Hermana M. Hermsdorff / ... / Aline Silva de Aguiar

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1


Relationship between anthropometric and kinematic measures to practice velocity in elite American 100m sprinters

Author(s): Amber Murphy / Kenneth P. Clark / Nicholas G. Murray / ... / Randall Rieger

Reviewer(s): Iain Hunter / Ryu Nagahara / Jean Slawinski / David Stearne

Physical activity and health

Case report

Endoscopic ultrasonography for preoperative local assessment and endoscopic ultrasonography-guided marking before gastro-jejunostomy for duodenal obstruction using magnetic co

Author(s): Hideaki Kawabata / Kojiro Nakase / Yuji Okazaki / ... / Shigehiro Motoi

Reviewer(s): Sung Ill Jang / Ryosuke Tonozuka

Clinical research Gastroenterology Surgery


An emphasis of T cell subsets as regulators of periodontal health and disease

Author(s): Saranya Balaji / Priyanka K Cholan / Dhayanand John Victor

Reviewer(s): Jorge Gamonal