Case report

Inactivated COVID-19 vaccine triggering hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in an immunocompetent adult - A case report

Author(s): Saad Nasir / Saqib Raza Khan / Rodaba Iqbal / ... / Noreen Nasir

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Clinical research COVID-19 Inflammation

Case report

Upper respiratory tract infections and academic attainment: A case study

Author(s): Andrew P. Smith

Original article

Spatio-temporal gait differences in Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy during single and dual task overground walking - A pilot study

Author(s): Sushma Alphonsa / Ryan Wuebbles / Takako Jones / ... / Nicholas G. Murray

Reviewer(s): Kostas Nizamis / Katy Eichinger

Biostatistics, bioinformatics, epidemiology Clinical research Physical activity and health

Original article

Outcome of tubeless percutaneous nephrolithotomy in elder patients: A single-center experience from a developing country

Author(s): Nadeem Iqbal / Sajid Iqbal / Aisha Hasan / ... / Saeed Akhter

Reviewer(s): Tareq Aro / Rodrigo Suarez Ibarrola / Mustafa Erkoc

Clinical research Nephrology Surgery

Original article

Lichen Planus drugs re-purposing as potential anti COVID-19 therapeutics through molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation approach

Author(s): Unnati Soni / Pratyush Singh / Om Prakash Gupta / ... / Krishna Mishra

Reviewer(s): Ibrahim H. Eissa / Muniza Shaikh / Ahmed Metwaly / Mohamed S. Alesawy

Biochemistry COVID-19 Pharmacology and toxicology

Original article

Endoscopic tightening of the cardia mucosa in gastroesophageal reflux disease: A case series of 120 patients up to 1-year follow-up

Author(s): Zhenhua Li / Yongliang Li / Yue Wu / ... / Qinsheng Zhang

Reviewer(s): Joel Richter

Clinical research Endoscopy Gastroenterology

Original article

Impact of AmaTea® Max on physiological measures and gaming performance in active gamers: a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized study

Author(s): Richard J. Bloomer / Keith R. Martin / Jacquelyn C. Pence

Reviewer(s): John A Caldwell

Dietary supplements Physical activity and health


Human stem cells prevent flap necrosis in preclinical animal models: A systematic review

Author(s): Francisco R. Avila / Ricardo A. Torres-Guzman / María T. Huayllani / ... / Rachel Sarabia-Estrada

Reviewer(s): Xiaona Lu

Cell biology Surgery Translational research


Robot-assisted radical cholecystectomy for gallbladder cancer – A review

Author(s): Weng Jiayi / Vishal G Shelat

Reviewer(s): Medai Kasai / Haresh Palekar

Hepatology Oncology Surgery

Case report

Subantral sinus augmentation using a hydraulic lift system and alloplastic phosphosilicate putty followed by simultaneous implant placement for the rehabilitation of an atroph

Author(s): Cathryn Beryl Padma Felix / Anjana Kurien / Ashwin Devanarayanan / ... / Yuvaraja Arakonam Bindhoo

Reviewer(s): Dan Milstein