Understanding stakeholder awareness and communication strategies to inform implementation of precision medicine among minority populations: a systematic review

Author(s): Cathy L. Melvin / Melanie S. Jefferson / Gayenell S. Magwood / ... / Chanita Hughes-Halbert

Communication Precision medicine

Original article

Mutations of METTL3 predict response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Author(s): Zhao Yang / Zongyi Shen / Di Jin / ... / Chong Li

Reviewer(s): Clarice S Groeneveld / Gordon Robertson

Chemotherapy Pathology Urologic oncology

Original article

Hospital length-of-stay among COVID-19 positive patients

Author(s): Tze Chiam / Keshab Subedi / David Chen / ... / Mia Papas

Reviewer(s): Yuehwern Yih / Harvey Motulsky / Perry Moerland

Clinical research COVID-19 Statistics and epidemiology


The effects of twenty-four nutrients and phytonutrients on immune system function and inflammation: a narrative review

Author(s): Jillian Poles / Elisa Karhu / Megan McGill / ... / John Eugene Lewis

Reviewer(s): Ximena Levy / Susan S Percival / James Rosado

Original article

Computerized tomography scan in acute appendicitis with eventual negative appendectomy

Author(s): Ming Li Chia / Kwan Justin / Hui Terrence Chi Hong / Shelat Vishal G

Reviewer(s): Dieter Hahnloser / Marius Kryzauskas

Original article

Cirrhotics with monocyte chemotactic protein 1 polymorphism are at higher risk for developing spontaneous bacterial peritonitis – A cohort study

Author(s): K Vamsi Murthy / Meenu S / Thiagarajan Sairam / ... / Ramalingam Sankaran

Reviewer(s): Philipp Lutz

Hepatology Immunology Inflammation


Oligometastatic non-small-cell lung cancer. Current management

Author(s): Alicia Román-Jobacho / María Hernández-Miguel / María Jesús García-Anaya / ... / Ana Otero-Romero

Reviewer(s): William Grubb

Non-small cell lung cancer Radiology and radiotherapy

Case report

A case of drug-induced Parkinsonism and Tardive Akathisia with E1143G POLG mutation- Innocent bystander or a culprit?

Author(s): Pretty Sara Idiculla / Syed Taimour Hussain / Junaid Habib Siddiqui

Reviewer(s): Jobin Philipose / Dhineshreddy Gurala

Atypical parkinsonian disorders Parkinsonism

Original article

The usefulness of plasma levels of mature and total adrenomedullin as biomarkers indicating the magnitude of surgical stress responses: a single-center, prospective, observati

Author(s): Go Otao / Toyoaki Maruta / Tetsu Yonaha / ... / Isao Tsuneyoshi

Reviewer(s): Salvatore Di Somma

Clinical research Surgery

Original article

Relationships between inflammatory and metabolic markers, exercise and body composition in young individuals

Author(s): Sarah L. Dunn / Desiree L. Vera / Kathleen F. Weaver / Jerome V. Garcia

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Gisela Arsa / Micah Zuhl / Anna Solini / Adam Wells / Yati Boutcher / John E. Lewis

Immunology Inflammation Physical activity and health