The effects of twenty-one nutrients and phytonutrients on cognitive function: A narrative review

Author(s): John Eugene Lewis / Jillian Poles / Delaney P. Shaw / ... / H. Reginald McDaniel

Reviewer(s): Alexander G. Panossian / Andrew Smith

Alzheimer's dementia Nutrition and global health


Coronavirus disease 2019 morbid pulmonary pathology: What did we learn from autopsy examinations?

Author(s): Azza Zulfu / Somaya T. Hamid / Khalid A. Elseed / ... / Mohamed H Ahmed

Reviewer(s): Gelsomina Mansueto / Jun Cai / Nazik Husain

COVID-19 Pathology Pulmonology


Immunotherapy in microsatellite instability metastatic colorectal cancer: Current status and future perspectives

Author(s): Rodrigo Motta / Santiago Cabezas-Camarero / Cesar Torres-Mattos / ... / Miguel J. Sotelo

Reviewer(s): Daniel Acosta / Javier Ros / Ana Gil / Giulia Martini

Colorectal cancer Immunotherapy

Original article

Development of a new decellularization protocol for the whole porcine heart

Author(s): Ana Lídia Jacintho Delgado / Ana Claudia Oliveira Carreira / Hianka Jasmyne Costa de Carvalho / ... / Maria Angélica Miglino

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Tissue engineering Transplantation


Immune escape mechanisms and immunotherapy of urothelial bladder cancer

Author(s): Zhao Yang / Yinyan Xu / Ying Bi / ... / Changyuan Yu

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Matthew Zibelman

Immune checkpoint inhibitors Immunology Immunotherapy

Original article

The genetics of cardiac failure: role of a G protein-coupled receptor polymorphism in therapeutic response in an Indian population

Author(s): Sudha Ramalingam / Shanmugasundaram R / Tamil Arasu K / ... / Ramalingam Sankaran

Reviewer(s): Amber E Johnson

Cardiovascular diseases Clinical research


A literature review of microvascular proliferation in arteriovenous malformations of skin and soft tissue

Author(s): Amalia Mulia Utami / Siham Azahaf / Onno J. de Boer / ... / Allard C. van der Wal

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Anonymous reviewer 2 / Kristen Kelly / Mariona Graupera / Elisa Boscolo

Angiopathology Cardiovascular diseases


Scope and challenges of machine learning-based diagnosis and prognosis in clinical dentistry: A literature review

Author(s): Lilian Toledo Reyes / Jessica Klöckner Knorst / Fernanda Ruffo Ortiz / Thiago Machado Ardenghi

Reviewer(s): Ibrahim S. Bayrakdar / Reinhilde Jacobs / André Ferreira Leite / Leiying Miao / Ayşe Merve Acilar

Artificial intellegence Dentistry


Indonesian medical frontliners during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: have we been protecting them enough?

Author(s): Gilbert Lazarus / Markus Meyer / Markus Depfenhart / ... / Bambang Budi Siswanto

Reviewer(s): Ashley Styczynski / Kevin Baird / Catherine Smith

COVID-19 Health care systems

Original article

3D Laparoscopic common bile duct exploration with primary repair by absorbable barbed suture is safe and feasible

Author(s): Yen Pin Tan / Cheryl Lim / Sameer P Junnarkar / ... / Vishalkumar G Shelat

Reviewer(s): Pim Olthof

Endoscopy Hepatology Medical imaging Surgery

Original article

Sport-related concussion adopt a more conservative approach to straight path walking and turning during tandem gait

Author(s): Nicholas G. Murray / Ryan N. Moran / Arthur Islas / ... / Daniel Cipriani

Reviewer(s): Russell Gore

Exercise physiology Physical activity and health

Original article

EEG abnormality as a prognostic factor in cirrhotic patients with grade III-IV hepatic encephalopathy requiring mechanical ventilation: a retrospective analysis

Author(s): Lalita Gouri Mitra / Geeta Rajput / Vandana Saluja / Guresh Kumar

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Clinical research Hepatology Neurology

Original article

Comparison of clinical and laboratory profile of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis in children: A single-center experience from India

Author(s): Sachin Singh / Madhuradhar Chegondi / Swathi Chacham / ... / Jagdish Prasad Goyal

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Loredana Sarmati / Deniz Aygun / Tahziba Hussain / Bhavna Dhingra

Clinical research Pediatrics Tuberculosis

Original article

Can leaded glasses protect the eye lens in patients undergoing neck computed tomography?

Author(s): Reza Abedi / Naser Ghaemian / Ali Shabestani Monfared / ... / Ebrahimnejad Gorji

Reviewer(s): Reza Malekzadeh / Michiel Sinaasappel / Supawitoo Sookpeng

Clinical research Medical imaging

Original article

Google trends as a tool for evaluating public interest in total knee arthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty

Author(s): Samuel A. Cohen / Landon E. Cohen / Jonathan D. Tijerina / ... / Nathanael D. Heckmann

Reviewer(s): Mohamad Bydon

Original article

Determination of the oral health status and behaviours, treatment needs and guardians’ perception of oral health among preschool children attending ICDS Anganwadi centres of B

Author(s): Vaibhav Kumar / Anil Ankola / Roopali Sankeshwari / ... / Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni

Reviewer(s): Ahmad Faisal Ismail / Sakamuri Sreenivasulu / Ravi Kumar Gudipaneni / Sivakumar Nuvvula / Zoya Chowdhary / Jaychandra Reddy Bhumireddy

Clinical research Dentistry

Original article

Is lifelong endurance training associated with maintaining levels of testosterone, Interleukin-10, and body fat in middle-aged males?

Author(s): Sara Duarte Gutierrez / Samuel da Silva Aguiar / Lucas Pinheiro Barbosa / ... / Herbert Gustavo Simões

Reviewer(s): Kok-Yong Chin / U R Mikkelsen / Ana M. Teixeira / Vittorio Emanuele Bianchi

Clinical research Inflammation Physical activity and health