The role of health-related quality of life in improving cancer outcome

Author(s): José Ignacio Nolazco / Steven Lee Chang

Reviewer(s): Sher Ali Khan

Clinical research Oncology

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Multivisceral resection of primary multifocal retroperitoneal sarcomas: a retrospective study from a high-volume sarcoma center

Author(s): Aobo Zhuang / Yangju Chen / Jiongyuan Wang / ... / Weiqi Lu

Reviewer(s): Martin K. Angele / Christina V. V

Clinical research Oncology Surgery

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Rural Research Network to engage rural and minority community members in translational research

Author(s): Pearl A. McElfish / Robin Liston / Veronica Smith / ... / Laura P. James

Reviewer(s): Yasemin Inaç / Janet K Williams

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Selective Internal Radiotherapy in Germany: a review of indications and hospital mortality from 2012 to 2019

Author(s): Alexander Mertens / Tobias Essing / Peter Minko / ... / Sven H. Loosen

Reviewer(s): Mümtaz Köksal / Davide Scafa / Philippe d’Abadie / Irene Bargellini / Nariman Nezami

Clinical research Oncology Radiology and radiotherapy Translational research


Acute acalculous cholecystitis as a rare gastroenterological association of COVID-19: a case series and systematic review

Author(s): Junaid Rasul Awan / Zahra Akhtar / Faisal Inayat / ... / Zahid Ijaz Tarar

Reviewer(s): Manik Aggarwal

Clinical research COVID-19

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Percutaneous pedicle screw fixation combined with percutaneous vertebroplasty for the treatment of thoracic and lumbar metastatic tumors

Author(s): Xiaowei Ma / Yi Zhao / Jiazheng Zhao / ... / Helin Feng

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Da He

Clinical research Oncology Surgery

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Spatiotemporal gait and fatigue do not change when using common at-home gait tasks in patients with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy: a pilot study

Author(s): Nicholas G. Murray / Marie Kelly / Vipul Lugade / ... / Peter Jones

Reviewer(s): Kostas Nizamis

Clinical research Physical activity and health Translational research

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Current characteristics of a population of psoriatic arthritis and gender disparities

Author(s): Jimmy Menis / Marie Doussiere / Estelle Touboul / ... / Vincent Goëb

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1 / Siba P Raychaudhuri

Original article

Clinical prediction model for pulmonary thrombosis diagnosis in hospitalized patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection

Author(s): Anabel Franco-Moreno / David Brown-Lavalle / Nicolás Rodríguez-Ramírez / ... / Ana Bustamante-Fermosel

Reviewer(s): Giuliano Pasquale Ramadori

Clinical research COVID-19 Data analytics

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The use of Google Trends and Twitter data as a tool for evaluating public interest in hyaluronic acid eyelid filler

Author(s): Samuel A Cohen / Andrea L. Kossler

Reviewer(s): Nathan Dhablania

Clinical research Plastic surgery