Original article

Reliability and concurrent validity of TRAZER compared to three-dimensional motion capture

Author(s): Jennifer A. Hogg / Lynette M. Carlson / Abigail J. Rogers / ... / Gary B. Wilkerson

Reviewer(s): Nicholas Murray / Katherine Hunzinger / Lynne Gauthier / Cynthia Yukiko Hiraga

Physical activity and health Virtual reality

Original article

A small-cohort study on tumor recurrence and surgery-related complications associated with proximal fibular tumors and the potential utility of biopsy

Author(s): Tao Sun / Michal Heger / Lingxiang Wang / ... / Wenjuan Wu

Editor(s ): Rowan van Golen

Reviewer(s): Lukas Rasulić

Bone cancer Histology Pathology Statistics and epidemiology


The current role of surgery and SBRT in early stage of small cell lung cancer

Author(s): Núria Farré / José Belda-Sanchis / Mauro Guarino / ... / Elisabeth Martínnez-Téllez

Reviewer(s): Muhammet Sayan / Alberto Rodríguez-Fuster / Chong Li / Haitang Yang

Radiology and radiotherapy Small cell lung cancer Surgery


Multiple sclerosis in Iran: An epidemiological update with focus on air pollution debate

Author(s): Masoud Amiri

Reviewer(s): Vahid Kazemi / Saeid Dastgiri / Reza Habibisaravi

Multiple Sclerosis Statistics and epidemiology


Can tetracyclines ensure help in multiple sclerosis immunotherapy?

Author(s): Pedro Víctor-Carvalho / Rodolfo Thome / Catarina Rapôso

Reviewer(s): Francisco Villarreal / Yoh Matsumoto / Rita Raisman Vozari

Immunotherapy Multiple Sclerosis

Original article

Comparison of interleukin-21 levels and its correlation with clinical parameters among healthy individuals, chronic periodontitis, and aggressive periodontitis patients

Author(s): Archana Mootha / Sankari Malaiappan / Dan Milstein / ... / N Doraisamy Jayakumar

Reviewer(s): Hesham H Abdulkarim / David Dunivan

Dentistry Inflammation Oral care

Original article

Virtual reality simulation for critical pediatric airway management training

Author(s): Elizabeth M. Putnam / Lauryn R. Rochlen / Erik Alderink / ... / Alan R. Tait

Reviewer(s): Anonymous reviewer 1

Case report

High-grade neuroendocrine small-cell carcinoma of the anal canal: Longterm remission with chemoradiotherapy

Author(s): Roy Hajjar / Carole S. Richard / Francine Aubin / ... / Éric De Broux

Reviewer(s): Romain Coriat / Carl Christofer Juhlin

Anal cancer Neuroendocrine small-cell carcinoma

Medical hypothesis

Interleukin-13 as a target to alleviate severe coronavirus disease 2019 and restore lung homeostasis

Author(s): Lachlan Paul Deimel / Zheyi Li / Charani Ranasinghe

Reviewer(s): Jörg H. Fritz / Claudia U. Duerr / Dina Ragab

COVID-19 Immunology Inflammation

Mini review

Biomarkers of mitotoxicity after acute liver injury: Further insights into the interpretation of glutamate dehydrogenase

Author(s): Mitchell R. McGill / Hartmut Jaeschke

Reviewer(s): Rachel Church / James Dear / R Pérez Morales

Hepatology Pharmacology and toxicology Toxicology Translational research

Original article

A comparison of skin dose estimation between thermoluminescent dosimeter and treatment planning system in prostatic cancer: A brachytherapy technique

Author(s): Mehrsa Majdaeen / Soheila Refahi / Amin Banaei / ... / Hamed Zamani

Reviewer(s): Razzagh Abedi-Firouzjah / Emmanuel Oyeyemi Oyekunle / Chu Wang / M.Ravikumar Manickam

Prostate cancer Radiology and radiotherapy

Original article

Comparative evaluation of Chloroquick with Triphala, sodium hypochlorite, and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid on the microhardness of root canal dentin: An in vitro study

Author(s): Vaishnavi Elika / Divya Kunam / Lavanya Anumula / ... / Kiranmayi Govula

Reviewer(s): Liviu Steier / Jorge Luiz Reis de Oliveira


Immunotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer: Update and new insights

Author(s): Xabier Mielgo-Rubio / Eider Azkona Uribelarrea / Laura Quintana Cortés / María Sereno Moyano

Reviewer(s): Miguel Jhonatan Sotelo

Immune checkpoint inhibitors Immunotherapy Lung cancer Non-small cell lung cancer Pharmacology and toxicology